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KUWJ Cricket Tournament
Thrissur2488 Views
16-03-2024 to 17-03-2024
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KUWJ Cricket Tournament


16-Mar-24 to 17-Mar-24


Thrissur - Netaji corporation ground, West Fort



Other Details

Battling Intoxication, One Wicket at a Time: KUWJ's Cricket Crusade

In a bold move to tackle the perils of intoxication, KUWJ has taken to the cricket field, wielding bats and balls as weapons against this insidious threat. This tournament serves as a rallying cry, bringing together communities united in their determination to create a safer, healthier society. With every boundary scored and wicket taken, a resounding message echoes – intoxication has no place in our lives. Spectators and players alike stand as beacons of hope, inspiring others to embrace sobriety and reclaim their lives. Join KUWJ in this exhilarating battle, where the true victory lies in a future free from the shackles of intoxication.
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