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1. Videos

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2. General

What is CricHeroes?

CricHeroes is an app for the local amateur cricketers of the world. It allows you to score your local cricket match and broadcast scores online just like an International match.

It also allows you to add your own team, search players, search teams, arrange a match with local teams, find tournaments around you, analyse your scores, share your achievements and much more…

In one line, CricHeroes is your new Cricket Network!

Why have you made it?

Just like you, the makers of CricHeroes are local amateur cricketers and used to discuss and fight over scores after every match we played. The discussions inevitably became very passionate.

In Cricket, stats are everything. Without stats, most of the discussions are empty talks. Amazingly people do remember many stats but they possibly can’t remember it all. So one day, this idea struck; Why don’t we start scoring our matches to identify real heroes of the game. When we thought over it more, we realised that this is a pain point for many such local cricketers like ourselves. That became a start of what is known as CricHeroes today.

Will CricHeroes be paid in future?
CricHeroes will never be paid for its users i.e. the passionate cricketers like you. We plan to find some other ways to earn money but not by directly charging you for scoring matches.
What is in it for me?
If you want to preserve your cricket scores forever, analyse your stats to improve, find local teams for arranging a match, get recognition for your talent, follow talented players, you will love CricHeroes.
How do I add a team?
Tap the button “Add a Team” either from the home screen or from the side menu. You just need to give your team name, location and team logo (optional) to create your own team on CricHeroes.

Immediately after that, you can start adding players to your team.

The team name has to be unique (just like twitter handle) so book your team name now before it’s too late.

How do I add a player?
Add a new team or go to an existing team for adding players.

You can add a new player by providing his name, mobile number and photograph (optional). You can also add a player from your contacts (faster). If the player is already registered on CricHeroes, you will see him/her in the search result, simply tap his/her photo to add to your team.

Can I change my team member’s profile pic?
Yes you can as far as he is not verified yet.
To do that, just go to “Teams” from side menu and tap on your team. You should see all of your team members. Tap on the name of the unverified team member and you should see an option of “EDIT PROFILE” popping up. Just tap that and change his profile pic.
Why do you need Mobile Number?
CricHeroes use Mobile Number to uniquely identify players. Even if the player has not downloaded the CricHeroes app after playing 10 matches, he can still access all the matches with his/her mobile number after downloading the app.
Rest assured, others would never have access your phone numbers without your consent. WE DON’T SPAM OR SELL YOUR DATA
What is a verified player? Why verify?
A verified player has his/her mobile number verified on the CricHeroes App by providing relevant OTP at the time of registration or when someone adds him to the team.
Unverified player…

- won’t be able to claim his personal records, when he signs up later, if the given mobile number was incorrect. - can’t be made Heroes of the Match after match finishes.
- can’t win any freebies from CricHeroes.
- can’t score matches for his team.
- can’t be made team admin.
- can’t be assigned any skills.

So if you are still an unverified player, verify today!
How do I verify a player as a team creator / admin?
As a team creator or admin, you will see a list of players in your team from Side Menu -> Teams -> [Your Team]. Some of them will be shown as “Unverified”. Just tap on such player and a menu will popup. Just tap the link called “VERIFY” there. It will ask for an OTP sent to that user, when you added that player in the team - enter it here. If that player does not have the OTP, just resend the OTP and enter it here.

Alternatively, ask that player to download the app from Google Play Store and register himself with the same mobile number.
How do I make someone team captain?
Team owner or team admin can set any one player as a team captain. Just go to your team from Side Menu -> Teams -> [Your Team]. Tap on that player and a menu will popup. You should see an option of Captain there - just tap it.
What is a Cricket Profile?
Just like your social profile on Facebook, your Cricket profile has all the required information of your cricketing career. For e.g. Number of matches played, amount of runs scored, wickets taken, and much more.
What is PIN and how do I set my PIN?
PIN is your password. You can login using your registered mobile number and PIN instead of OTP. If you have not set your PIN already, you can set your PIN using “Reset PIN” option from Side Menu.
Why I am not in “Featured CricHeroes” on homescreen?
Did you become a Player of the Match recently? Yes, and still you can’t see yourself in “Featured CricHeroes”? Then most likely you don’t have a profile photo. Just go ahead, edit your profile and upload a photo. Refresh the screen and see yourself as a Featured CricHero! They keep changing every few hours as new matches get scored on the app. So enjoy the attention till it lasts :)
Why my photo is deleted?
We unapologetically delete anything, which is not related to cricket. So if you have uploaded your selfie or any other photo, which is not taken during the match or on the ground, we will delete it. Sorry, CricHeroes is strictly for Cricket.
Why there are less features in iOS than Android App?
We started developing the Android App first as India is predominantly an Android market. Android app has a few months head start to the iOS App. Rest assured, the gap is reducing every day and both will be equal soon.
How to delete my CricHeroes account?
If you want to reset your stats on CricHeroes, it is not possible. Your stats are linked with all the other players with whom you have played matches with and thus it is not possible to reset stats of just one player. If you feel someone else has played matches with your profile, you can share the details of that player at our helpline number +918141665555 and we will try our best to transfer matches under his/her profile but we will verify the details first, which can take time.

3. Scoring Related

Who can score a match?
To score an “Individual Match”, you have to be a team owner or team admin of at least one of the teams. To score a “Tournament Match”, you have to be a tournament scorer.
How do I start a match?
You can start a match when you are on the ground or in advance.

For an individual match, you need to select two teams, respective Playing XI, enter number of overs, location, ground, and type of match. For a tournament match, you need to select “Tournament Name” and round in the first step. Optionally, you can also select Match Officials in the first step.

We are constantly improving this workflow so things may change here and there but it will always be pretty much self-explanatory.
How can I resume a match if it is created in advance?
Just go to Side Menu -> Matches and you should see that match as “Upcoming” in MY MATCHES tab. Just tap on it to resume the match.
Can I leave scoring and resume later on?
Yes, you can. Just click “Back” arrow on top left of the screen to leave scoring. You can resume scoring from Side Menu -> Matches -> My Matches.
How can I resume scoring from another phone?
In case you have to change the phone for scoring in the middle of the match, login to another phone using your registered Mobile Number and OTP (or your PIN in case the original phone is switched off). You can resume scoring by going to Matches -> My Matches -> Tap the match. It will give you an option to “Resume Scoreboard”, just tap on that. Don’t forget to logout from the original phone.
My phone got switched off during scoring. What should I do?
Don’t worry, we have your back! Login to another phone using your Registered Mobile Number and your PIN (as OTP won’t work now). You can resume scoring by going to Matches -> My Matches -> Tap the match. It will give you an option to “Resume Scoreboard”, just tap on that.
Can I change the overs after the match has started?
Yes, you can if you are still in the first innings. You cannot make the overs less than the number of overs already played, for e.g. if one team has already played 14 overs in a 16 over match, you cannot reduce overs to 12 but you can make it 15 overs match.
Can I replace the bowler of current over in case of injury?
Yes, you can. Just go to “Settings” on the scoring screen and tap on “Replace Bowler”. If the bowler has not bowled any ball, he will simply be replaced by a new bowler. If he has bowled 2 balls, rest 4 will be counted in the new bowlers’ stats.
What if I have selected wrong batter by mistake?
No worries. Go to “Change batter” in “Settings” menu in scoring. Select the batter you want to change with a new batter.
Can I change the strike manually?
Absolutely. This is extremely important for our gully cricket! :)

So if you have rules like 1 run declare (dic!), just tap 1 run and change the strike manually by tapping the batter’s name.
How do I go to Full Scoreboard while I am scoring?
Just go to Settings -> Full Scoreboard.
What is “CricHeroes” in the full scoreboard?
After every match, 3 CricHeroes of the match are automatically calculated by the app - Player of the Match, Best batter and Best Bowler. These CricHeroes are shown under the “CricHeroes” tab along with the Full Scoreboard after the match is over.
How do you decide CricHeroes of the match?
The app decides that using a very simple algorithm based on statistics, for e.g. number of runs scored in number of balls, number of wickets taken in number of over, etc.

In most cases, you will find these CricHeroes accurate but sometimes, you may feel that someone else could have been the CricHero, for e.g. someone scored runs or took wickets in tense situation. As you can imagine, the app is unable to take such situations in consideration while calculating the CricHeroes.
Can I change CricHeroes manually?
Not for an individual match as we don’t want favouritism to prevail. If you are scoring tournament match, you can change it.
Can I share CricHeroes on my Facebook, WhatsApp?
Absolutely, that is why they are there! Share yours and others’ achievements on such social media apps and be recognised or give recognition to our local heroes.
I can’t see the match I created recently?
Did you create it for testing? Just to see the features of the app? Well, thank you but we do delete such matches on a regular basis to keep CricHeroes clean.
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How do I change or edit my CricHeroes scorecard?
Scorers can edit the scorecard in this way - Go to scorecard -> Tap on 3 dots -> Edit scorecard -> Edit the details -> Preview -> Publish
How do I delete or remove completed matches on CricHeroes?
Scorers can easily remove a completed match in this way - Go to scorecard -> Tap on 3 dots -> Delete match -> Yes, Delete
How do you remove a player from a team in CricHeroes?
Team admin/creator can easily remove a player from their team in this way - My Team-> Open the team-> Tap on player -> Tap on Remove
How do I change my team logo on CricHeroes?
Team admin/creator can change the team logo on CricHeroes App in this flow- My Team-> Open the team->Tap on setting-> Edit Team Details. Tap on Logo for change -> Update
How do I check my cricket score?
You can easily check your cricket scores by doing the following - Open the App -> Go to My Cricket -> My Matches OR Open the App -> Open Side Menu-> My Stats-> Matches.
How to change language on CricHeroes?
You can easily change the language on the CricHeroes App by doing this - Open the App -> Open Side Menu-> Change Language - > Select Language -> Apply

4. Tournament Related

How do I register a tournament on CricHeroes?
Registering tournament on CricHeroes is really easy. You can start the process by clicking on the "Add tournament" option from the side menu. Then you will be taken to different steps ie adding tournament details , team etc. The whole process is explained in the video mentioned below. But what after registering your tournament? Refer this step by step guide to organise cricket tournament to get all the insights from start to end of getting teams, sponsors, tournament promotion, live streaming etc. Get everything on a single platform!
What are the benefits of organising a tournament on CricHeroes?
Tournaments have a special place on the CricHeroes platform. All tournament matches, teams, leaderboard, standings, sponsors, cricheroes, media are put together on one Tournament Page.

The players, spectators, sponsors, organisers don’t have to look anywhere else for their tournament needs.
What are the charges of scoring a tournament on CricHeroes?
Guess what? Scoring tournament on CricHeroes is absolutely FREE. We will also put up a tournament page for you on CricHeroes Website and App. For this, we expect you to give us all the benefits you give to your other sponsors.
How to Add Scorers and Tournament Officials on CricHeroes?
How to create points table on CricHeroes App?
How to edit or delete the tournament on CricHeroes?
How to add teams in your Cricket tournament on CricHeroes
How to add your team in tournament Via tournament PIN?

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