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1. Fielding
How to Make a Run Out
How to Catch the Ball
How to Stop the Ball
How to Throw the Ball
2. Bowling
How to Bowl an Inswinger
How to Bowl an Outswinger
How to Bowl an Off Cutter
How to Bowl a Leg Cutter
How to Bowl an Off Spin
How to Bowl a Leg Spin
How to Bowl Finger Spin
How to Bowl Good Line
How to Bowl Good Length
Introduction to Bowling
Bowling too full? Bowling too short? A simple explanation to help you synchronise top and bottom half
How to stay on track? Make sure you maintain the correct body movement throughout your bowling action
What do you do when you feel intense pressure? And how should you cope with its consequences?
Is bowling speed coachable? The BIG question
Do we truly know what a 'good length' is? Coach Ian Pont explains
How to set up target practice sessions and why they are so important for fast bowlers.
Hidden secrets of avoiding no balls. It’s all about the jump, not the length of run up.
Getting Ready To Bowl. How to prep yourself so you don’t get caught cold.
Taking too big a delivery stride can wreck your bowling. Find out how to avoid it.
3. The Role of the Umpire
4. Fielding Drills
Fielding Drill - Part 1
Fielding Drills - Part 2
5. Wicket keeping - Basics
Equipment Used by the Wicketkeeper
6. Wicketkeeping Drills
Wicket Keeping Drills - Part 1
Wicket Keeping Drills - Part 2
7. Drills to Improve your Game
Basic Ball Drill
Ball on Cone Drill
French Cricket
Continuous Cricket
8. How to Replace the Grip on Your Bat
9. Learn to Knock In a New Cricket Bat
10. How to Pitch the Stumps
11. Introduction to Cricket
12. Batting
Learn the Equipment Used for Batting
Learn the Grip and Stance
Learn the Backlift and Footwork
How to Play a Front Foot Defence
How to Play a Back Foot Defence
How to Play a Straight Drive
How to Play an Off Drive
How to Play an On Drive
How to Play a Cover Drive
How to Play a Square Drive
How to Play a Square Cut
How to Play a Late Cut
The Different Ways to Get Out
How to Play a Lofted Shot
How to Play a Reverse Sweep
How to Play a Sweep Shot
How to Play a Pull Shot
How to Play a Flick Shot
How to Play a Leg Glance
How to Play a Back Foot Punch
13. Batting Drills
Drag the Bat
Batting Placement Drill
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