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Whether you are organising a Cricket Tournament for the first time or have done so multiple times, we all agree that it is a challenging job. Many questions arise in the mind of a cricket tournament organiser before organising a tournament. like,

  • How will I get teams, scorers, umpires, commentators etc?
  • How do I book ground?
  • How can I convince sponsors for my cricket tournament?
  • Is there an app which can help organise a local cricket tournament?
  • How can I successfully conduct a local cricket tournament after all?

Apart from this deciding the format (number of overs, ball type, etc), registering teams, scouting sponsors, managing grounds, umpires, scorers, commentators, arranging drinks/food will take a toll on you at the end of the day.

Here is a detailed handbook which will help you out with almost every aspect of organising the tournament. We will also share how CricHeroes can help you at almost every step.

We at CricHeroes have helped organisers at various levels organise more than40,000 tournaments so in last 3 years. Let us see the step by step process of organising the tournament.


Firstly you need to do some groundwork before going to the main steps. Decide the dates and determine what kind of tournament you are going to hold.

Based upon ball type : Tennis ball, Leather ball or Tape ball tournament

Tournament-style: Knock out tournament, League matches, etc

Tournament category:

  • Age dependent tournament (U-16 , U-19 etc.)
  • Corporate Cricket Tournament
  • Box Cricket Tournament
  • Open Cricket Tournament

If you are holding an intra-company tournament, you will probably not need any sponsors for funding. But in the other types you may need sponsorship to fund your tournament.

So, How to attract sponsors?

Firstly, contact the brands which are connected to sports or cricket. Make a good offline and online marketing plan for their brand in your cricket tournament and convey them the benefits clearly. If they see the value, you may get them easily. We will show how you can provide an online visibility to your sponsors later in the guide.

Now that you have selected the tournament type, prepare a rough list of tasks you need to do. Then, make a team of interested and knowledgeable volunteers to delegate different tasks.

You can use this checklist from CricHeroes to find a list of tasks.

Select the Venue & Match Officials

Browsing through the internet or references, selecting a suitable cricket ground can take up a good amount of time as you have to compare the pitch and costing as well.

But don’t worry! CricHeroes has got you covered here. You will be able to see Cricket Grounds near you with details of costing, matches played, photos and most importantly reviews on that particular ground. Everything is available on the single platform so you can compare and then directly contact for ground booking from CricHeroes.

All you have to do is,

  • Go to the community section from the bottom bar of CricHeroes App.
  • Go to the grounds. And there you will be able to see it all.

So your venue is sorted!


After finalizing the venue, another thing that comes in the picture is the selection of match officials - Scorers, Umpires and Commentators. This process can also take up a lot of your time as you have to go through the same process of finding different officials, comparing the skills & costing, getting reviews, etc. Here also, CricHeroes has got your back.

You can compare over 4000 scorers, 3500 umpires and 1000 commentators along with the matches they have been part of and reviews on CricHeroes community section. You can also directly contact any of those.

Scorers Umpires Commentators

A scoring platform for tournament matches

There are two ways to score any tournament.

  • Offline
  • Online

Offline Scoring

Offline scoring or paper-based is the traditional way of scoring matches, but it comes with many drawbacks such as,

  • No live updates for the audience
  • Fear of losing the scores along with the paper
  • No permanent record of good innings
  • Error Prone and tedious for scorers

Online Scoring

But nowadays with cheap data plans and easily available smartphones, it is possible to broadcast scores LIVE ball to ball, just using smartphones.

There are many benefits of online scoring.

  • Life-time record of the scores
  • Live score broadcasting
  • Increased audience
  • Increased Online Visibility to Sponsors

With almost 40,000 cricket tournaments and more than 4.5 million players registered, CricHeroes is the most trusted and number one scoring platform in the world!

Following are some of the online scoring platforms that you can use for scoring your tournament.

  • CricHeroes
  • Chauka
  • CricHQ
  • CricClubs
  • cric-ten

I would obviously suggest CricHeroes here but you can check out more about each scoring app here - 6 LIVE Scoring Apps For Your Local Cricket Match

After selecting one online scoring platform, now it’s time to register your tournament on it.

Tournament Registration

How to Register a Cricket Tournament on CricHeroes:

Here is the step by step process on registering a tournament on CricHeroes.

  • Select “Add A Tournament” option from the side menu.
  • Fill all the tournament-related general details such as — Name & logo of the tournament, ground, category, ball type, etc on the first screen.
  • Add teams and tournament officials and you are done!
  • Need to define Tournament Schedule.Knockout, League Matches, various rounds etc.
  • Need to define Rules of the Tournament.
  • Need to define Registration Fees for Teams if any
  • Need to define Prizes of the Tournaments.

Refer this article for the detailed description on the registration process - How to host a Cricket Tournament on the CricHeroes App?

The process just does not stop here. In the case of Open Tournaments, Now you would want to find teams for your tournament.

Tournament Promotion

Tournament promotion is a very crucial part if you are organising an open tournament. It is very important to promote the tournament on the right platform to the right audience.

Offline promotion can be very costly and it may also not hit the right audience. CricHeroesprovides premium promotional features for the tournament organisers. With more than 4.5 million cricket enthusiasts registered, CricHeroes can be a perfect choice to promote tournaments. At a fraction of cost compared to traditional marketing channels, with in-app promotions, you get to promote cricket tournaments to the right audience. .

Here are the premium features that one can use.

  • Power Promote
  • Market Listing

Power Promote

In Power Promote, tournament organiser, get to promote his/her tournament on CricHeroes app in which tournament banner is published in the CricHeroesapp feed and also the notification for the same is sent to all the app users.


In short, your tournament is promoted to the very specific audience interested in cricket and you get teams for your tournament.

Market Listing

CricHeroes Market is another channel where tournament organisers can promote their tournament. With 10% to 15% of total users visiting the CricHeroes Market daily, it is also a good place to promote your cricket tournament. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Go to CricHeroes Market from the bottom bar.
  • Select “Post Ad”
  • Select your preferable plan and then there is a self explanatory flow.
Market Market Detail Market Pricing Plans

From three available plans, one can always purchase the one post promotion plan to get started with tournament promotion.

We can add one step saying procuring required things for Tournaments. Like Balls, TShirts, Prizes, etc. This is where CricHeroes can help you get in touch with Partner Shops and also T-shirt Manufacturers.

Scoring Cricket Tournament

Scoring Scoring Settings

Tournament scoring on CricHeroes is very easy. It doesn’t require any technical skills to do the scoring on CricHeroes.

Here is the simple scoring tutorial video. How to score a cricket match on CricHeroes App?

Live streaming the tournament to anyone in the world

the small audience has always been an issue for local cricket tournaments. Live streaming your match can be a good idea to have a vast audience for your tournament.

But, it comes with many difficulties such as costly professional set up, lack of expertise, increased manpower etc.

There are a variety of options to livestream a Cricket match.

  • Professional Setup
  • Hiring Providers to avoid one time high cost.
  • Do it using your mobile phone at a very affordable cost.

With CricHeroes Live Stream, you can easily stream your cricket matches live with TV-like scores only at a nominal price and all you need is a mobile phone with a tripod.

All you have to do is,

  • Go to your match.
  • Click on the “Start Streaming Button” and then select your desired plan.
  • After payment, you will be asked to download the CH livestream app. After downloading the app, you can start streaming your match live on CricHeroes app & YouTube.
Start StreamingStreaming Pricing Plans

We know what you are thinking. You are worried about the quality of the video, aren’t you? Well, check out some matches streamed using just a mobile phone on CricHeroes.

Pakistan (Asia Cup) vs Afghanistan (Asia Cup)


Gladiators (JCL) vs Nightingales CC

Recognize your sponsors

One of the critical things while organising the cricket tournament is getting sponsors and giving them proper visibility throughout the tournament.

As a tournament organiser, you have a lot of places to give offline visibility to sponsors like t-shirts, trophies, hoardings on ground etc. This visibility is much dependent on the number of viewers present in the ground.

With the world going online, CricHeroes provides you with a great opportunity to recognize and Promote Your Sponsors to the live viewers of the tournament online.

Super SponsorsMatch Summary with Super Sponsors

All you have to do is just contact CricHeroes team on +91 8141 66 5555 and then we will take it forward from there.

A Personalized Mobile App for You and Your Audience

If you are an organiser, who organises tournaments frequently then this is for you. You can have an exclusive app of your tournament with your own branding. The benefits that you get from “Your App” are -

LIVE scores and scorecards of all tournament matches at one place along with Leaderboard, Boundary Tracker, Sponsors, Teams, Standings Gallery, Rules and Regulations of the tournament.

You can also connect to players and officials of the tournament via Your App. Share interesting news and updates with them and also connect with all of them in future whenever you are organising another tournament.

Your App SplashTournament Listing

Never lose focus of your users and make a brand for yourself.

CricHeroes: One Stop Solution

To sum up the whole handbook, with CricHeroes, you can ease up your process of organising a cricket tournament by easily getting following on the same platform,

  • Online scoring platform
  • Cricket tournament promotion platform
  • Online sponsor promotion platform
  • Live streaming services
  • Your own tournament mobile application

Follow above steps to conduct a hasslefree successful cricket tournament and recognize it globally. Don’t just organise a tournament, make it global with CricHeroes!

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