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VMSA 2nd Tennis Ball Tournament 2023-24
Nagpur9482 Views
14-03-2024 to 31-03-2024
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Organiser's Detail

Tournament's Detail


VMSA 2nd Tennis Ball Tournament 2023-24


14-Mar-24 to 31-Mar-24


Nagpur - Kachchi Visa



Other Details

Rules and Regulations:
1. All teams to be divided into two groups of four teams and matches will be played with the opposite group. Top 4 Teams with the maximum points at the end of group stage, will qualify for the semis.
2. 2 points for each win in league stages. 1 point to each team in case of match abandoned. In case a match is affected by rain, D/L method will come into play. Minimum 3 overs mandatory for D/L to come into effect.
3. Out of all the 17 players, team can bat with any 11 players and field/bowl with any 11 players.
4. At the end of the league stages, if two teams end on the same number of points, then NRR will be compared.
5. If any match ends in a Tie, then points will be shared.
6. Every match will be of 12 overs per innings. The matches will be played as per the schedule and no changes will be entertained even if other teams agree to it.
7. Mandatory Powerplay for the first two overs. Maximum 2 players can be placed outside the circle during the Mandatory powerplay. Batting and Bowling Powerplay one over each and can be taken any time before the end of 10th overs. If not taken, 9th and 10th overs will be powerplay. Maximum 3 fielders outside the circle during batting and bowling powerplay. And Maximum 5 players can be placed outside the circle after the end of Powerplay. If batting team forgets to take the batting powerplay, it will be considered forgone.
8. One Bowler can bowl a maximum of 2 overs in a match.
9. Quota of 12 overs to be completed in 45 mins.
10. Team T-shirts are compulsory. Shorts are not allowed.
11. All other rules as per current international standards.
12. Umpires decision will be final and no nuisance will be tolerated. In case any team still resists, action as deemed fit can be taken against such team by the umpires or nonplaying PDs in that match.
13. Man of the Matches and other awards will be decided on basis of Cricheroes app.
14. If a team does not show up in time (5 minutes buffer), 1 over will be reduced from their batting quota for every 5 minutes delay. If there is a delay by both the teams for starting the match, then 1 over from both the teams batting will be reduced for every 10 minutes delay over buffer time.
15. Fiber Bats are not allowed. 
16. Ball- Sixit Light
17. Prize Money: 1st- 51000, 2nd- 31000
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