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Deladva Legends vs Deladva Titans Cricket Match Scorecard

Deladva Gam, Surat, 07-Apr-24 11:34 AM
Deladva Legends
(8.0 Ov)
Deladva Titans
(8.0 Ov)

Deladva Legends won by 6 runs

Deladva Legends

(8.0 Ov)
Yash Ahir (c)Yash Ahir (c)b Prince Ahir410150.001
b Prince Ahir
Ahir PathikAhir Pathikrun out Mohan Rothod / Chetan Rathod1000.006
run out Mohan Rothod / Chetan Rathod
PRAKASH AHIR (wk)PRAKASH AHIR (wk)b Prince Ahir701114.299
b Prince Ahir
Mahesh RathodMahesh Rathodc Prince Ahir b Ujjval Ahir1530113.3331
c Prince Ahir b Ujjval Ahir
Tapan PatelTapan Patelc †Chetan Rathod b Mohan Rothod630216.676
c †Chetan Rathod b Mohan Rothod
Chetan AhirChetan Ahirc †Chetan Rathod b Mohan Rothod200100.001
c †Chetan Rathod b Mohan Rothod
Sanjay VaghelaSanjay Vaghelac Yogesh (Sunil) b Mohan Rothod1000.001
c Yogesh (Sunil) b Mohan Rothod
Vijay SolankiVijay Solankirun out Ankur Delarva / Sailesh Patel800100.0018
run out Ankur Delarva / Sailesh Patel
Patel VatsalPatel Vatsalc Prince Ahir b Sailesh Patel40075.003
c Prince Ahir b Sailesh Patel
Henish AhirHenish Ahirnot out0000.002
not out
Jayeshsurati JayeshsurtiJayeshsurati Jayeshsurtirun out † Chetan Rathod / Sailesh Patel1000.001
run out † Chetan Rathod / Sailesh Patel
ExtrasExtras(wd 4, nb 1, b 7)1212
10 wkts 8.0 ov
Yet to Bat:
Fall Of Wickets:7-1 (Yash Ahir, 0.4 ov), 8-2 (Ahir Pathik, 1.1 ov), 21-3 (PRAKASH AHIR, 2.2 ov), 34-4 (Tapan Patel, 3.2 ov), 36-5 (Chetan Ahir, 3.4 ov), 36-6 (Sanjay Vaghela, 3.5 ov), 65-7 (Mahesh Rathod, 7 ov), 69-8 (Vijay Solanki, 7.4 ov), 69-9 (Patel Vatsal, 7.5 ov), 69-10 (Jayeshsurati Jayeshsurti, 8 ov)
Prince Ahir2025401010.50
Mohan Rothod203711107.50
Ujjval Ahir201610218.00
Sailesh Patel (c)201610005.00

Deladva Titans

(8.0 Ov)
Prince AhirPrince Ahirc&b Mahesh Rathod610150.006
c&b Mahesh Rathod
Kush RathodKush Rathodc Chetan Ahir b Yash Ahir1712164.7126
c Chetan Ahir b Yash Ahir
Sailesh Patel (c)Sailesh Patel (c)b Yash Ahir120041.6727
b Yash Ahir
Mohan RothodMohan Rothodc †PRAKASH AHIR b Tapan Patel801150.0033
c †PRAKASH AHIR b Tapan Patel
Ujjval AhirUjjval Ahirnot out400100.0028
not out
Ankur DelarvaAnkur Delarvarun out † PRAKASH AHIR / † PRAKASH AHIR200100.001
PrakashPrakashnot out0000.001
not out
ExtrasExtras(nb 1, b 2)33
5 wkts 8.0 ov
Yet to Bat:Chetan Rathod (wk), Surati Kashyap, Kirtikumar Patel, Yogesh (sunil)
Fall Of Wickets:15-1 (Prince Ahir, 2 ov), 42-2 (Kush Rathod, 4.5 ov), 57-3 (Sailesh Patel, 6.4 ov), 59-4 (Mohan Rothod, 7.2 ov), 61-5 (Ankur Delarva, 7.4 ov)
Chetan Ahir200300005.00
Mahesh Rathod201310007.00
Jayeshsurati Jayeshsurti1003010110.00
Yash Ahir (c)2024120011.50
PRAKASH AHIR000000000.00
Tapan Patel101400004.00
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Match Date24/07/2024
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