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The Meadowbank Rangers vs The Ryde Rangers Cricket Match Scorecard

LH Gawd Ground Meadowbank, Sydney (Australia), 17-Mar-24 00:44 AM
The Meadowbank Rangers
(25.0 Ov)
The Ryde Rangers
(24.2 Ov)

The Ryde Rangers won by 5 wickets

The Meadowbank Rangers

(25.0 Ov)
Abhilov Verma (c)Abhilov Verma (c)c Aksh Patel b Syed(MCC)3134154.8442
c Aksh Patel b Syed(MCC)
Rohit SharrmaRohit Sharrmac Shreedhar Patel b Aksh Patel221036.3647
c Shreedhar Patel b Aksh Patel
NickNickb Naveen80037.5013
b Naveen
Raj BarotRaj Barotc Syed(MCC) b Shreedhar Patel300066.6742
c Syed(MCC) b Shreedhar Patel
Bhavik (wk)Bhavik (wk)c Ankur Bhatt b Naveen1110118.1818
c Ankur Bhatt b Naveen
Panckaj SPanckaj Sc Aksh Patel b Naveen401175.002
c Aksh Patel b Naveen
AjithAjithc&b Sagar Satwani110054.5514
c&b Sagar Satwani
Suryaveer SinghSuryaveer Singhc †Ankur Bhatt b Syed(MCC)150193.3325
c †Ankur Bhatt b Syed(MCC)
JeetJeetnot out1820111.1129
not out
Akshat MehtaAkshat Mehtanot out50060.006
not out
ExtrasExtras(wd 24, lb 1, nb 5, b 5)3535
8 wkts 25.0 ov
Yet to Bat:Sumit, Sikander
Fall Of Wickets:65-1 (Abhilov Verma, 8.2 ov), 67-2 (Rohit Sharrma, 9.2 ov), 77-3 (Nick, 11.4 ov), 101-4 (Bhavik, 15.1 ov), 109-5 (Panckaj S, 16 ov), 122-6 (Raj Barot, 19 ov), 122-7 (Ajith, 19.1 ov), 159-8 (Suryaveer Singh, 23.4 ov)
Sagar Satwani4.1011122408.40
Aksh Patel201401107.50
Chan Cholan300700104.33
Aman Dhadwal100310006.00
Shreedhar Patel401620417.75

The Ryde Rangers

(24.2 Ov)
kapilkapilb Sikander341391.1847
b Sikander
Syed(MCC)Syed(MCC)run out Raj Barot / † Bhavik421180.9559
run out Raj Barot / † Bhavik
GagandeepGagandeepc Panckaj S b Sikander1000.003
c Panckaj S b Sikander
Shamsher (c)Shamsher (c)not out3534154.2955
not out
Aksh PatelAksh Patelc Suryaveer Singh b Sikander50040.005
c Suryaveer Singh b Sikander
Ankur Bhatt (wk)Ankur Bhatt (wk)c †Bhavik b Sikander1000.001
c †Bhavik b Sikander
Aman DhadwalAman Dhadwalc Jeet b Panckaj S224095.4528
c Jeet b Panckaj S
Shreedhar PatelShreedhar Patelnot out721228.5711
not out
ExtrasExtras(b 1, lb 7, wd 11, nb 1)2020
6 wkts 24.2 ov
Yet to Bat:Chan Cholan, Naveen, Sagar Satwani, Akshan Patel
Fall Of Wickets:75-1 (kapil, 11.5 ov), 75-2 (Gagandeep, 12 ov), 82-3 (Syed(MCC), 13.3 ov), 86-4 (Aksh Patel, 14.5 ov), 86-5 (Ankur Bhatt, 15 ov), 143-6 (Aman Dhadwal, 22 ov)
Panckaj S5011921205.00
Suryaveer Singh4001401114.50
Abhilov Verma (c)200510005.50
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Match Date15/07/2024
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